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Most of our customers come to us because they want to save money by completing their own divorce papers and filing their own divorce with the court. They either can not afford to hire a lawyer or they want to save on legal fees because, as a couple, they have agreed on all the issues allowing them to dissolve their marriage in an amicable basis.

Our customers realize that completing divorce papers is a time consuming obstacle they face in doing their own divorce, which is why they turn to 123DivorceMe.com.

Getting a marriage certificate takes 20 minutes and no more than $50.00, but getting a divorce is quite the contrary. At least with our online divorce solution we are approaching a step-by-step process that makes starting over as easy and as affordable as possible for those who want to do their own divorce.

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Lineage (lin·e·age - 'li-nE-ij) - linking information related by direct descent from one common answer.

We are a devoted group that is aimed at making divorce a more pleasurable experience for those who wish to end their marriage on agreeable terms (a.k.a "an uncontested divorce"). We do not encourage people to end their marriage, but if they decide to do so, we try to make it as painless and affordable as possible by streamlining the "do it yourself" divorce experience.

Through a question and answer interface, our online software takes the difficulty out of completing your own divorce forms. Your forms are available instantly online for review, editing, printing and/or downloading.

As a software based company our focus is to provide the most user-friendly solution, without sacrificing productivity or quality.

We take great pride in knowing we create and deliver with such focus as well as share our years of experience and expertise with other companies within the online software industry.

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Our online divorce is offered at a low, flat fee of $149 (or two payments of $79), and gets you all the completed paperwork, with no hidden costs or additional fees for revisions. Instant document delivery and changes eliminates lengthy delivery periods and makes doing your own divorce extremely private and confidential.

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