Flat Fee Pricing

Our online divorce has a flat fee structure with a court approval guarantee. We will not charge you any hidden or additional fees beyond what is stated below. All customers receive state and county specific completed divorce papers online ready for signing and filing along with step-by-step filing instructions. The divorce papers can be conveniently printed instantly or we also provide delivery by U.S. Priority Mail, upon request, at no additional charge.

No Children*... $249
Limited Time : Only $139
With Children*... $249
Limited Time: Only $139
Marital Settlement Agreement... $250.00
Included Free!
Updates, Changes, Reprints... Unlimited Free!
Customer Support... Unlimited Free!
Account Access Unlimited Free!
(no subscription fees!)

NEW: 2 monthly payment option of $74
(just another way we are making your divorce more affordable! This 2 payment option can be selected once you create your account.)

* Included for the flat-fee is all required documents for an uncontested divorce in your state (for both spouses), unlimited customer support (if needed), a detailed criteria sheet for easy review and negotiation (if needed), a Marital Settlement Agreement to resolve all of your issues related to property, debt, insurance, support, custody, visitation, and more, and your easy to follow step-by-step filing instructions. There are also no subscription fees. Most other online divorce options charge a monthly subscription fee after 30 days. Your 123DivorceMe account is available as long as you need it.

123DivorceMeTM vs. Other Online Divorce Options

  123DivorceMe.com Others
Price Flat fee or choose from monthly installment options (no hidden fees or subscription fees) Initial fee plus costly monthly subscription and additional expedited costs (we hate hidden fees!)
Customer Reviews Highest Rating (TrustPilot) Very Low Ratings (TrustPilot)*
Company Location United States since 2006 Most are copycats from outside U.S. (primarily India)
Delivery Instant (click & print) or by US Priority Mail Delayed because prepared by a third party and eventually e-mailed
Format PDF format and MsWord for full control Only PDF format, with no control
Updates & Changes Instant and unlimited Must be requested which causes delays and are often only available for a limited time
Customer Experience User-friendly with detailed explanations and step-by-step filing procedures (we are known to be ideal for 1st time filer) More of a "you're on your own" situation being left with many questions and no clear path
Support Unlimited Phone & E-mail (you can actually talk to a person if you want to) No answered phone calls, just frustrating delayed email responses
Reliability & Accuracy Current (backed with approval guarantee) TrustPilot reviews often mention documents being old, incomplete, and rejected by courts
Account Security Symantec, CloudFlare, McAfee (tested daily) Minimal, if any (very concerning)
Privacy No third party data entry. We are software driven. (no one sees your information but you!) A third party enters everything to prepare your documents and is often done overseas.

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